Principles of Operational Excellence Principles of Operational Excellence



TE Operating Advantage for Procurement

TE Operating Advantage (TEOA) is a company-wide effort designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, and deliver greater satisfaction to our customers and greater value to shareholders. TEOA for Procurement (TEOA-P) transforms our Supply Chain network to provide competitive advantages for TE in terms of quality, delivery, speed to market, productivity, and asset utilization. TEOA-P also focuses on partnering with key suppliers to improve performance and build a system of repeatable, best-in-class processes and tools that are common across TE to provide one voice to Suppliers.


Six Sigma Quality

Our products and services must be developed and integrated throughout the entire supply chain into capable processes to achieve Six Sigma levels of performance. Management must ensure that working conditions are safe and conducive for Six Sigma performance. Ethical conduct and compliance with safety, health, environmental and legal regulations are fundamental premises of our business.


Error Free Product and Services on Time

Our goal is to reduce variability to achieve zero defects for our products and services while improving cycle times. A common set of metrics is used to measure, report and drive improvement. Each defect must be eliminated by systematic corrective and preventative measures.


Continual Improvement

Best demonstrated practices will be identified and implemented throughout the company and our supply chain, with a continuing challenge to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. An important method for improvement is the motivation, education and development of all employees of TE and our Suppliers. This is a joint responsibility shared between employees and management.