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Supplier Requirements and Expectations Supplier Requirements and Expectations

TE Global Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Standard terms and conditions for all TE Entities worldwide.

TE Guide to Social Responsibility (TEC-1015)

Principles of conduct for TE suppliers.

Changes to Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Vendor Process

Important information regarding changes to TEs Accounts Payable functions.

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Working with TE Procurement and procurement tools.

Operational Excellence

TE programs to promote Customer Satisfaction and Continual Improvement.

Quality Requirements (TEC-1005)

TE Total Quality Management Requirements for Suppliers.

Product Environmental Compliance Support Center

Find information about our Product Environmental Compliance Program.

EHS Requirements for Contractors (TEC 124-115)

EHS Requirements for Contractors.

Jurisdiction Specific Privacy Terms

Jurisdiction Specific Privacy Terms

TE Connectivity Declaration Of Principles

Declaration of Principles on Human Rights of the German Operating Legal Entities

Global Human Rights Policy

Global Human Rights Policy


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