Supplier Initiatives Supplier Initiatives



An Integrated Strategic Supply Base that meets the local needs of each local facility and has the potential to grow:

  • Locally
  • Regionally
  • Globally

A Key or strategic supplier will work in a cooperative and collaborative way in order to achieve mutual long term competitive benefits. In return, the supplier will benefit from increased volume from TE Global manufacturing facilities and continual, planned cost improvement. A key supplier to TE demonstrates the willingness to:

  • Integrate operations, systems, and people with TE operations and processes.
  • Participate with TE in the cost management process
  • Operate at the highest level of performance
  • Share risks and rewards
  • Participate throughout the new product development process

  • To eliminate unnecessary order processing costs.
  • To develop and implement a 10% year on year Total Cost Reduction plan
  • To drive its employees, suppliers and customers to achievement of excellence

For the USA, TE is designing, implementing, and driving the creation and execution of enhanced Diversity strategies for the TE USA Supply Base, with demonstrable and measurable results. This includes advancing our companys Supplier Diversity strategy by further defining the companys overall strategic direction in Supplier Diversity, and recommending, developing, implementing and managing all aspects of that strategy to improve diversity results across commodities. We are forming strong partnerships with Supplier Diversity business leaders, while motivating a Procurement team to implement Diversity project initiatives, knowledge management practices, and ensuring on-going communication. This requires strong relationship-management and increased collaboration with Diversity suppliers, as well as a concerted effort to engage our Diversity Suppliers in Supplier Development projects and plans across the board.