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TE Purchasing will implement World Class Supply Chain Initiatives to improve our competitive position and enhance our ability to exceed our customers expectations for error free product delivered in a timely manner at an exceptional value.


We strive for continuous improvement in four (4) major areas.

  • Assuring uninterrupted and timely material flows into TE.
  • Reducing the cost of purchasing products and services
  • Reducing Total Acquisition Costs (TAC) of purchased products and services
  • Assuring internal Compliance with professional procurement practices and external compliance with regulatory requirements.

TE Operating Advantage for Procurement

TE Operating Advantage (TEOA) is a company-wide effort designed to improve productivity, reduce costs, and deliver greater satisfaction to our customers and greater value to shareholders. TEOA for Procurement (TEOA-P) transforms our Supply Chain network to provide competitive advantages for TE in terms of quality, delivery, speed to market, productivity, and asset utilization. TEOA-P also focuses on partnering with key suppliers to improve performance and build a system of repeatable, best-in-class processes and tools that are common across TE to provide one voice to Suppliers.